Steel storage systems for grains are produced at maximum strength using state of the art technology. It can be produced at various dimensions from 4 m3 to 33,450 m3 as required. An effective resistance is is provided against corrosion with 600 gr/m2 galvanized steel plates used in production. Silo body plates and support feet are arranged in a way to distribute the applied load evenly. Geoment 500 A Plus, Class 10.9 bolts are used in connection points. Silo designs and static calculations are made and rigorously checked according to appropriate climatic and seismic factors for each project. Density design is taken as (52 Ibr / cu.ft) – 830 kg/m3 in static calculations. The silo roof has a 30 degrees slope angle. Roof entrance door has a special design to provide advantages in silo entrances and outlets. Silo roofs are made of high-strength undulated roof panel in accordance with ASTM-653 standards.


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