Thursday, May 23, 2024

About us

What we do

We all know that Bangladesh is progressing day-by-day to-wards the poultry farming. And in the meantime many of the farmers have developed quite a good standard of international position relating to some section of works like, Poultry rearing, Poultry Hatching and of other necessary systems like Cooling & Ventilation, Automatic Feeding, Plastic Slat, Automatic Manure Scraping, Gas brooding and also the field of manufacturing quality Poultry Feed.

Under the circumstances, our company Birds Bangladesh with their good mission to help and assist to the farmers, manufacturers small or Large, arrange importing & supplying the different Poultry Equipments and instruments from different foreign countries to cope with the present situation as well as for modernization of the Poultry Plant & Farms.

With this end in view the company at present deals in the under-noted items:

  • Nipple Drinking System for Layers, broilers & Breeders (Both Cage & Floors)
  • Automatic, Pan Feeding, Chain Feeding & Cable Feeding System.
  • Cooling, Ventilation, Curtain System and ceiling Materials.
  • Environment Controlled Pre-fabricated Poultry House.
  • Feed Mill for Mash & Pellet.
  • Grain storage Silo all sizes.
  • Room heater / Gas brooder: LPG Gas, Natural Gas.
  • Broiler Meet Processing Plant. (Dressing Plant)
  • Incubator (Hatchery & Setter)
  • Automatic Multi-dose Vaccinator.
  • Automatic Marex Vaccinator.
  • Pox Vaccinator.
  • Debeaker Machine.
  • Day-old Chicks Feeders and Drinkers.
  • Chicks Box with /without Leads.
  • Transportation Box/Crates.
  • Plastic Poultry Slats with & without Frame.
  • Hot Deep Galvanized Poultry Cages for Layers & Breeders.
  • Breeder Nest Box & Nest Pad.
  • Egg Tray, Egg Container.